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Company Values

Here at PRIORITY, we have a business culture that incorporates our values throughout. Our beliefs in certain traits and qualities separate us from the competition.

Mission Statement

“Our mission at PRIORITY BACKGROUND Solutions, Inc. is to provide the most accurate reports, in a timely manner, at an affordable price, demonstrating full compliance procedures while providing excellent customer service for each and every client.”

Core Values

CARING & COMMITMENT- We care about your business and are committed to achieving every goal.

INTEGRITY & LOYALTY- We are truthful with our actions and methods and build loyalty through superior service.

HONESTY & TRUST- We establish business relationships based on honesty, creating a foundation of trust.

Our Vision

To be the most recognized and respected background screening company that understands and satisfies the needs of each client.

Community Involvement

At PRIORITY, community involvement is a priority.

Community involvement is a long-lasting corporate objective that is at the foundation of our corporate culture. Through volunteerism and grants, we are able to reach thousands of people each year, helping improve the communities where we live and work. We also encourage and promote a healthier lifestyle through community health and wellness education and awareness programs.